WELCOME! So excited to meet you all!

Ahhh so excited that all my thoughts and desires and crazy tidbits are coming to fruition. I love to educate, empower, encourage, and “love-on” people. My life goal is to become a health educator/health coach and just make healthy living become accessible to everyone. This blog will be informative and helpful if you are looking to live life salubriously. I’m fairly new on this journey to salubrity and will occasionally share how things are evolving in my life.  I will learn along with you as we work to living salubriously.

I will also include daily occurences, creative ideas, and spiritual musings.  I like photography, I make jewelry, I am a Christian. I’m very visual so sometimes my posts will be photographs or colors, along with an short explanation of the picture.

So why live salubriously, Bri? You might ask.

1) Well if I wanna talk about it, I have to be about it. A health educator should be at least working toward a salubrious lifestyle if not already living it completely.  How is someone going to trust me to teach them healthy ways if I’m not using some of the techniques that I teach them?

2) So.. um..how do I say this…. I want to have a baby someday.  A healthy baby.  Since being married June 25th, 2011 I’ve had several bouts of “baby fever”.  I believe its a natural occurrence for women of child bearing age (I’m 24) with a husband to have this desire, but now is not the time. Honestly, I even picked up a copy of “What to Expect Before You’re Expecting” just to see what I need to do when that time comes. One of the first things it mentions is that you should be at your target goal weight  and be in tip top shape! I wouldn’t want my baby to come into the world living in a polluted body. This was the tipping point between inaction and action.

3) Life is short. We have to appreciate everyday that the Lord gives us. While working in a urology office, I saw how short term decisions had long term effects on people’s lives. I realized how important it is to take care of my body now, so that I fully enjoy my children, grand children, and great grandchildren as I get older.

Well I hope you enjoy what follows… Take care and live saluBRIously!


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