Farmer’s Market Tuesday! Organic Honey


Today was such a nice day in my small hometown of Salisbury. Winter is pretty, but I love when the Lord sends days like these to remind us that spring is coming. I love taking long drives (if gas money permits) in the country on nice days.  Today I drove to the Camden Ave Farmer’s Market that is held at the Asbury United Methodist Church. 

While we lived in Charlotte, I anxiously awaited  until the date in spring when all the farmer’s markets opened up.  I loved buying fresh watermelons, strawberries and string beans. The Camden Ave market in Salisbury is open YEAR ‘ROUND!!!  Today, I took a look around to see if there is anything I’d be willing to buy.  I didn’t think they’d have much since a lot of things are out of season.  But they had a few good things: leeks, lettuce, greens, herbal tea leaves, fresh eggs, fresh salmon, and chocolate milk.  I decided to pick up honey. 

I bought organic honey this past spring in Charlotte because I heard that a teaspoon of honey a day can help with seasonal allergies  I was told that local bees pollinate and eating their honey regularly can help you build an immunity to local pollen. But an article in the NY Times refutes this.  It argues that seasonal allergies happen because of “wildborne pollens and not by pollens spread by insects”. Therefore it is unlikely to create an immunity with locally grown honey. 

The price at the market today was REALLY expensive, at $14 for a pound and a half of raw honey. But I had to remind myself that I will be able to get millions of uses out of this one jar.  Raw honey is valued because of its antioxidants, vitamins, and healing properties.  

Raw honey has many health benefits. 

  1. According to raw honey can “stabilize blood pressure, balance sugar levels, relieve pain, calm nerves, and has been used to treat ulcers”
  2. suggests arecipe containing honey that can help hair growth and conditioning.
  3. also states that raw honey can help moisturize skin, be used as a natural sunscreen ( please use additional “real” sunscreen with appropriate SPF as well), and can help prevent infections in wounds (please consult your doctor for additional help to prevent infections in wounds).

I’m going to try to use honey with each of its properties and blog about how they worked.

I have eczema, so I’m eager to see how honey helps dry skin (especially during winter).  I recently became natural, so I’d like to see how honey will condition my hair.  

Keep checking back on SaluBRIously Me to find out how the Honey Experiment goes! If you have any more suggestions on salubrious ways to use honey, feel free to contact me and I’ll place them on this page.

Love y’all!

Bri ❤ 



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