Valentine’s Day: The end of “Over-indulgent Holiday Season”

The season of over-indulgence starts on Halloween. Kids get dressed up and try to get as much candy as possible ( why do we start teaching over-indulgence at such a young age?). For young adults, Halloween is not much different. You still wear costumes (sometimes risqué costumes) and eat candy that reminds you of Halloweens in the past. But something else is associated with Halloween. The cool air brings the need for heavy comfort food (weight gain) and warmer,thicker clothing (a way to hide weight gain).

October rolls into November when we start to think about Thanksgiving. We dream of Nana’s moist and delicious “sock it to me” cake (Lawd, Jesus! Is it possible to lust after cake?) and the big, fat steroid-pumped turkey we’ll eat on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving day we have already forgotten about Thanksgiving and think about Christmas. For some this means getting presents (forget that we celebrate Christmas to remember the greatest gift God gave to us, Christ.), time off from work, and time spent with family. Family time often means lots of food will be made, lots of goooood food. You know, the fried, greasy, too-much-too-eat-but-you-have-to-because-its-so-good kinda food. You have to eat all you can because at the beginning of the next year you have to stop. You have New Year’s resolutions (which should be one month resolutions because you probably won’t stick to it that long).

Then comes Mardi Gras, which literally means FAT TUESDAY! Eat all you can because you can’t once Lent starts.

And finally Valentine’s day comes. You get lots of candy from your sweetheart. How sweet? I have to eat this because he/she spent a lot of money on them!

AND THEN IT’S OVER! No more nationally recognized reasons to over-indulge. Now it should be easier to eat salubriously and work out, right? WRONG! If the holidays give you a reason to over-indulge, you’ll find reasons to over-indulge all year long.


Valentine’s day is easy for me because my husband doesn’t really like candy. I can’t possibly eat Valentine’s day candy by myself. Since we’re both trying to do better this year, we’ll opt for salubrious options.

Here are some ways to “salubrify” (not sure if that’s actually a word) your Valentine’s day:
1) Chris and I love to take walks together. Why not walk a mile around your favorite park? If your sweetheart truly loves you he/she won’t care what you look like (even if you’re sweating, huffing/puffing, in workout clothes). Reward yourself with a healthy picnic afterwards.

2)We love a good laugh. Laughing burns calories so you will not only have a salubrious soul, you will be working toward salubrious abs as well. Go to a theater to see/rent a good comedy movie. Eat before arriving at the theater so you’ll be less likely to eat the GIGANTIC bowl of popcorn ( would you eat this much anywhere else?) and candies (which are a rip-off).

3) Make dinner together. Prepare a health-conscious menu so that you’re not tempted to pick up something unhealthy at the grocery store. You can buy cheap taper candles and candle holders at the dollar store to make it a dinner by candlelight. How romantic!

4) If you are vain and want everyone and their momma at work to know that you have a sweetheart, have him or her send you an edible arrangement instead of candy and flowers. It’s delicious(so good) and is a great alternative for any special occasion.

Turning a new leaf now will make it easier for you to resist the urge to over-indulge throughout the year. Practice makes perfect. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at resisting over-indulgence during over-indulgent holiday season.

Small daily changes lead to lifestyle changes. If your sweetheart loves you enough, they’ll want to spend a salubrious lifetime with you. He or she will be willing to make those small changes to ensure a joyful and salubrious lifetime together.

Hope you all enjoyed this. Comment below to share how your first “salubrious Valentine’s day” went.


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