This is NOT a salad!


This is not a salad! Last night I was trying to have a saluBRIous Valentine’s Day dinner with my husband so I ordered a salad with spinach and lamb. What I got was a heaping pile of lamb with some spinach at the bottom ( I had to dig and dig to find the spinach.). The plate was about a foot in diameter but every inch of it was covered.

So what does a salubrious person do when this happens?
1) When the plate arrives at your table, ask the waiter to box what you don’t think you will be able to eat. This leaves a smaller portion on your plate so that you’re less likely to gobble all of this down. I did this and I still don’t think I’ll be able to finish it all. I was actually so turned off by the heaping pile of lamb that I’m probably going to throw it out. Yes I spent money on it, but its not worth being miserably full or gaining the extra weight. If you’re against throwing it out, give the boxed portion to a friend ( this is sanitary because you box it before you touch it), loved one, or a homeless person in need of a meal.

2) To prevent this from happening again, ask the waiter/waitress what the actual size of the plate is the next time you are at a restaurant. Pictures in menus can help with this, but the menu last night didn’t have any pictures. Perhaps, they have a side salad size of what you would like to eat.

The Point Is:
Just because its a salad doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you! Many restaurant salads are covered in additional calorie-packed toppings that bury the nutritional properties of salad greens. Serving sizes vary, so ask what sizes are available in order get a healthy portion.

I’ve definitely learned my lesson!


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