SaluBRIous Hair: The Honey Experiment Part 1

So earlier this week I blogged about my visit to the farmer’s market and the raw honey I picked up. Well last night I successfully tried using raw honey on my hair as a conditioner. 

I looked up several recipes for a deep conditioning mask containing raw honey.  I decided to use raw honey, olive oil, and some of the conditioner that I normally condition/co-wash with.


Three tablespoons honey

1/4 cup olive oil

Three tablespoons regular rinse out conditioner (Cantu)

All of the ingredients should measure about 1/2 a cup


1) I placed all of these ingredients into a small container and mixed them with a spoon. I the washed my hair my my regular shampoo towel dried it.   

2) I then placed the honey deep conditioning mask all over my hair.  I make sure all my hair is hydrated while massaging the mixture into my scalp and on the hair shaft.

3) Placed a plastic cap on my head for 15 mins. You’re really supposed to do it for 30 mins but I’m really impatient 🙂

After the 15 min period has passed. I washed all of the conditioning mask out of my hair. 


The homemade hair conditioning mask left my hair feeling really soft, moisturized, and shiny!  It easily de-tangled my hair. Whenever my hair likes something I put on it, it starts to regain its natural curl pattern (as if it is wet). My hair definitely liked it!  It made my hair a lot easier to manage when I proceeded to do twists for a twist out. 

I would definitely use this mask again. I will probably use it once a month.  Feel free to use your own recipe and let me know how your trial goes.

Stay tuned for the honey experiment part 2.  This will describe whether or not raw honey gives me saluBRIous skin.


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