Motivation Mistakes: How your motivation for getting healthy may be setting you up to fail

We all have motivation for why we want to lose weight or have salubrious eating habits. But some of our reasons can set us up to fail. Here are three motivation mistakes that can harm us more than they help us.

Motivation mistake #1: The event motivation
” I have to look cute because my girlfriends and I have a trip planned for the beach in 3 months”
” Oh my goodness! I didn’t realize that my class reunion is in 2 months. I have to get back to my freshman year shape!”

Why this doesn’t work:
Lets say that you meet your goal just in time for the big event. Great! Everybody sees you and complements you.

Now what?

You now have no other motivation to maintain the salubrious life. You have more reasons to go back to the sedentary lifestyle because there is no huge event to look forward to.
Let’s say your life is full of events. Good for you, socialite! Your life is full of binge eating and binge dieting just to get a compliment from someone at one of these events.

Then one day nobody compliments you. “What have I been dieting for?” “Am I not thin enough?” “Am I ugly?”
Losing weight to fish for compliments at big events means that you rely on people to feel good about yourself. This leads me to motivation mistake #2.

Motivation mistake #2: Person motivation

“I have to get skinny so that Johnny will like me.”
“They will all start talking about me if it appears that I’ve gained weight.”

First of all, if you are losing weight to gain compliments from other people, then you will never be satisfied. People can admire physical features but won’t want to interact with a person because of a nasty attitude or lack of personality. True beauty comes from within. I don’t care how beautiful Naomi Campbell is. All I can think about is her nasty attitude and how she threw her cell phone at someone a while back. Therefore, just because a person likes your physical attributes doesn’t mean that they like YOU!

Motivation mistake #3: Twiggy motivation

“I want to look just like the skinny model on the commercial. I’ll be in good shape if I look like her.”

Some women that we see in the media are excellent examples of what a salubrious lifestyle looks like. Others are a manufactured image that doesn’t reflect realistic body types. Just because they appear to be in shape (based on society’s definition of beauty) doesn’t mean they’ve obtained that body with a salubrious lifestyle. According to an article in Teen Vogue, some models are anorexic or use diuretic pills to dramatically lose weight. These dangerous weight loss methods have terrible consequences for your health. Remember, salubrity is not just about appearance. If your insides are suffering, eventually your body will tell on you ( bad skin, rotten teeth, loss of menstrual period, hair loss, yellowing eyes).

Additionally, if you’re trying to lose weight to look like the people on television, you will change your appearance for your entire life. Standards of beauty change. Doubtful? Look at what your parents or grandparents called beautiful when they were your age. Don’t put yourself on the never ending hamster wheel.

THE PERFECT MOTIVATION… is a lifestyle change.
All the motivation mistakes have one thing in common. They are temporary.
Events, men/women, and standards of beauty come and go. Making lifestyle changes will help you keep weight off and live a completely salubrious life.
When you make a decision to “just be a healthy YOU”, there is an elimination of external pressures. You move at your own pace, with healthy expectations for yourself and nobody else. You may not lose weight as fast, but taking time to realize what needs to be adjusted makes a salubrious lifestyle easier to maintain when you encounter temptations down the road.

How does one make a lifestyle change? Stay tuned for my next blog post!


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