SaluBRIous Soul: How Gardening Helps Me to Relieve Stress

March 9th: I make a deal with my husband. I can buy stuff to start my garden if he could listen to Biggie all day (commemorating his death). DEAL!

March 10th: I start on the first few plants of my summer/spring garden. Tomato, lettuce, onion, and spinach. I place the seeds in the starter containers and place them near the window. Its only day one and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to use to build small gardening containers. I even tried to convince my dad to help me build one out of the remaining pieces of a broken book case. I’m anxious!

March 11th: Mom invites me to plant 5 more starter plants: Sweet Pepper, Hot Pepper, Basil, Yellow Pear Tomatoes, and Cilantro. I’m on a roll.

I garden to escape. I forget that fact that I’ve been unemployed for a little over 3 months. I forget the fact that I’m unemployed because we moved to be closer to family after my husband was hospitalized and still adjusts to managing his chronic disease (Lupus). Being 8hrs away from family is tough. After much prayer and discussion, we took a leap of faith. God gives us both peace about this leap of faith, but the uncertainty is still scary.

Gardening helps me forget all that is going on in the world. Gardening brings me closer to Christ, and I believe its His way of making me more patient. This lowers my blood pressure. I smile more. I get extra exercise bending down to weed, till, or prune. My garden gives me the illusion that I can control something in a world that is uncontrollable. I take pride in each new development from seedling to harvest. Harvesting is my favorite part. I’m proud when I see what all of my blood, sweat and tears have produced.

Life isn’t easy but God gives us things to be proud of and give thanks for. My husband is still alive and doing much better than months ago. Despite the health setback, I love being married to my best friend. My family is so supportive and its great developing deeper relationships as an adult. This much needed “downtime” has been very busy with reading, blogging, applying, and fellowshiping. I’m rediscovering myself. The Lord continues to provide. Always!

This part of my life is pregnant with potential. I’m being weeded and tilled and my starter seeds have been planted. God rains his blessings on me. His rays of love and warmth encourage me to break through the soil and reach for the sky.

Sooner or later I’ll be blooming. I’ll find that job, Chris will be back to full health, and my harvest will add to God’s glory.

But for now, I’m patiently waiting. Weeding. Tilling. Pruning. And Praying!


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