Wanna get healthy? Just watch Netlfix

So Netflix has definitely stepped up its game since it first started. In the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to watch some very informative documentaries about healthy living, eating right, exercise, and the many health myths that plague the Western Society. Watching these films helped me learn a lot about the importance of eating well and its impact on a person’s health.  The overall message from all of these films: Sometimes, its not about eating less, Its about eating more food that will increase metabolism and improve your immune system. So for everyone’s convenience, I’ve listed my top choices for people trying to aim for a healthier lifestyle. I’ve listed them in the order I think someone should watch them.


1. Food Matters (2008)

This talks about the importance of healthy, fresh food and the potential to self medicate simply by eating the right foods.

2. Hungry for Change (2012)

The sequel to “Food Matters” detailing the tricks of the diet industry and effective ways to lose weight by eating the right foods.

3. Forks Over Knives (2011)

Wonderful documentary following two physicians who discovered the benefits of a plant-based diet with demonstrated improvements in their patients’ health.

4. Vegucated (2010)

This film follows 6 people as they try to transition to veganism and the health benefits of veganism after 6 weeks without meat or meat bi-products.

5. Killer at Large (2008) (Warning! Contains graphic images of liposuction surgery)

How obesity is becoming America’s greatest health threat

6. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (2010)

An Australian man details his journey into “juicing” and how it drastically improved his health  and his weight.

7. Food Fight: Revolution Never Tasted So Good (2008)

Talks about the origins of the Organic Food Movement and Farmer’s Markets as a way to protest the government and provide tasty healthy food.

8. Fed Up (2002)

Another movie talking about the Industrial Agriculture Revolution and how it harmed America’s health.




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