BLOG RELAUNCH :Introducing “In Pursuit of Salubrity”!!!!


SalubriouslyME is now “In Pursuit of Salubrity”!

Why the change? Read the blog post below to find out why.

“So here I am “health blog 2.0”, trying to figure out how to communicate why this transformation is happening. Part of me thinks we are continuously being put back into our cocoons to become various butterflies throughout life, each one subsequently more talented than its predecessor. But I’ve never seen an underdeveloped butterfly. This makes me think that our borrowed lives here on earth is one huge cocoon; that I won’t fully become who I was created to be until I meet Christ.

This metaphor for metamorphosis makes it more okay for me to make mistakes, experience minor set backs, or just take a step back to evaluate where I am, who I want to be and who Christ wants me to be.  All my life experiences are helping me transform in my cocoon. One day I’ll reach my full potential. Today is not that day, and I’m learning to be okay with that. After all, who wants to peak too early? And I definitely don’t intend to wish my life away.

So “SalubriouslyMe” is now “In Pursuit of Salubrity”, a dialogue about all things related to health (physical, emotional, spiritual) as an effort to inform and inspire. It embraces health as a journey and not a destination. As life changes, goals change. Its less of a lecture and more of an honest conversation with a friend. A key to great friendships is vulnerability. You hear the good and the bad, and you still love them the same.

Being healthy is hard, especially in a culture where everything is instant.  Becoming an overall healthy person is not instantaneous.  It takes hard work, surrounding yourself with like minded people and discipline. Hopefully, this will be an informative, yet relaxed space to promote a healthy mind, body, and spirit (Yes, I’m a Believer. One. One Six. Ya Heard?!?).

So I hope you enjoy the new format and philosophy.  If you have any questions feel free to ask me!


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