Five ways to preserve your teeth as you age

(CNN) — For all intents and purposes, we really get only one shot to take care of our teeth.

The good news is, science and research have taken a front seat in dental education, making today’s dentist savvy on “prevention” dentistry rather than the “drill, fill and bill” mentality of decades ago.

Things like adhesive dentistry, recalcification and dental implants have given dentists more options. But for many patients, it’s a lot of information to process.

Here are five ways you can ensure that you hang on to your teeth as you age:

Educate yourself on dental care

Dentistry today has taken a much more conservative approach. But it can be hard to know what your options are. Here are some key points that you should know about dental treatment.

• Small cavities can be recalcified. Strong doses of fluoride, or something called MI Paste, applied directly to small cavities…

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