VIDEO: Improving College Student Health

Healthy&Fit in the City

Have you ever heard of the “freshman fifteen” or the old saying “study hard; party harder“? Our society views college as a time to find independence, have fun, and ultimately get a degree. Parents speak of the good old college days with fond nostalgia. While college may sound like a four year long party to some, there are serious pressures that affect the overall health of many students. According to a survey conducted by the Associated Press and MTV, 85% of college students feel stressed on a daily basis. Social pressures to fit in can cause students to make poor decisions, while academic pressures can leave students deprived of sleep and healthy eating. Maintaining a social life, good grades, and possibly a part-time job leaves little room for cooking a healthy meal or exercise.

“Nearly two-fifths or 38.5 percent of all students surveyed fall within…

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