2013 was a great year for healthy decisions. I made a list of goals at the end of 2012 and getting healthier was on that list.  Unlike years prior, getting healthy became a priority for me.  My husband and I moved to Maryland to live with my parents for a while in order to understand what living with lupus meant. After a brief period of seeming to get better, he relapsed and had another flare up in fall 2012.  He wasn’t able to work 40 hrs a week and go to seminary part-time like he was doing.  His fatigue and foggy consciousness made it hard for him to get out of bed and do anything at all.  Therefore, I was determined to learn how to be healthier so that he would become healthier also.  I also wanted to prepare myself for baby.  Even though we don’t plan to have a child anytime soon, I want to make sure that our child is carried and brought into a healthy environment.  

So here are a list of healthy things that I accomplished in 2013.

1. Go through a whole summer eating only seafood and fruits and veggies (no meat).

2. Try new workout routines so that I find out what works best for me.

3. Research, research research. Recognize what’s true and what’s a myth. Netflix, the internet, and trying new foods helped to determine what foods work best for me.

4. Buying food from farmer’s markets helped me to pinpoint exactly where my food comes from. It also helped to boost the local economy.

5. I created this health blog to educate me and others about a salubrious lifestyle.  This is also practice for what I hope to do for a living.

6. Lose weight. I’ve lost 18 pounds since April 2013.  This wasn’t easy, but it helped me realize that being healthy doesn’t come in a magic pill, its a lifestyle change.

7. Food prep is key for sticking to your diet and a lower grocery bill. Planning what I was going to eat for the week helps me to only eat what’s there and nothing extra. Going through grocery aisles and picking up things you desire but don’t eat is temptation and costs more!

8. I learned to love water.  So essential and refreshing!

Whew! I think I have a lot to be proud of! *Pats self on back*  I’ve come a looooonnng way.

So what’s next for me in 2014? 

1. No FAST FOOD 2014! Even when we travel. I’ve learned this year that things that are made quickly are generally not the best for you. #nofastfood2014

2.NO SODA 2014! I did a pretty good job this year at minimizing soda intake and drinking  more water but I want to eliminate soda completely. #nosoda2014

3. First 5k 2014!  This is happening. For Real, for real. #first5k2014

 I didn’t think that I’d accomplish all that I did this year.  All it took for me was one bold step.  I made a resolution and stuck with it.

What will your health goals be this year?

Write to me and tell me what your health resolutions are for 2014.  I’m anxious to hear everyone’s stories.


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