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Some thoughts on #readwomen2014

Pechorin's Journal

For those of you not familiar with it, #readwomen2014 is a campaign started on twitter by writer Joanna Walsh intended to get people reading more books by women.


The concept of the campaign is a simple one, female writers don’t get the same critical attention as male. That’s odd, women read more than men (proportionally and in aggregate) and they get published in much the same numbers. So if women are published equally and women read more, why are they reviewed less?

Part of the answer seems to be that a disproportionate number of professional critics are men, and men famously are much less likely to read books by women than women are books by men (which is both bizarre and frankly depressing). Another part is marketing and perception.Women’s fiction is often given “girly” covers with pastels and sometimes cute taglines. If you’re male those covers are profoundly offputting.

Equally, it’s sadly true…

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Country Girl, City Problems: Learning to thrive when the soil is dry


Ah, what a lovely spring day! A nice breeze is blowing through my window. I’m surrounded by plants that I’m nurturing myself.  The sunlight and its Vitamin D rays are giving me life. The sound of the birds seem to levitate me, until the sound of an ambulance brings me back to reality.  My ears shift gears into city mode, and I suddenly hear the constant sighing-like sound of the highway in the distance.  No matter what time of day, that sighing never ceases. I gaze at my house plants to give me a sense of comfort.  The picture window in our apartment allows for the maximum amount of sunlight, but day is fading, and my sense of contentment fades with it.


I hear an owl, it makes me smile. But the motorists on the highway are determined to drown out this little piece of country for me.  I don’t ever want to seem ungrateful.  Everyday that the Lord gives is a reason to be thankful.  But I miss it!


I miss land that is mine; privacy aided by the trees of the forest.  I miss the sweet, seasonal scent of the honeysuckles that drives me like a zombie to lick its nectar.  I miss seeing deer and wild turkey; nature’s neighbors just as it was intended to be.  I miss the plush of the green grass beneath my feet; a cool, gel-like, soothing sensation that would ease away any pain.  I miss playing music as loud as I can because there’s nobody below, above, or beside me to complain. However, there’s still a sense of community in the country.  Individualism kills community in the city.


Just as animals adapt to their surroundings, so have I to city life.  I have a plot in the community garden.  Each plant is my baby, and I love them equally.  I work hard to see them reach their full potential.  There was a period of time when I was frustrated because I couldn’t figure out how to make our apartment more cozy.  I started growing things inside and that green eased my anxiety.  Walking around the neighborhood gives me the opportunity to look at the trees and not at the vacated building across from us.  I shop at produce stands and farmers markets to support people who are like me and appreciate the country life.


I know living here is only temporary as my husband finishes up his Master of Divinity. However, he is just as much a city mouse as I am a country mouse.  He was born in Brooklyn and thrives in New York City.  Just as sunlight and open air give me life, city sounds and the hustle and bustle give him life.  We are polar opposites on ideal living situations, but we come together on 3 things: love for Christ, love for each other, and love for people.  These are the driving forces of our lives.  

Graduation is a little over a year away, and we frequently discuss our next move.  Because I love him and the work he does for Christ so much, I’m willing to make compromises so that he can thrive.  And he is willing to do the same for me.  Not too long ago, I would kick, cry and scream when things weren’t going my way.  I was selfish and believed that everyone was just like me.  “Why wouldn’t anyone want to do what I like? I’m great!” Nevertheless, life has taught me to thrive no matter the circumstances. Love has melted away immaturity and stubborn ways.  I’m exactly where I need to be, and I have the God-given tools to get through anything. AND I have an awesome life partner to help me along the way. Whether we end up as country bumpkins or city cats, love will lead the way.