Super Tip Thursday: My Gums Are Bleeding, Why?

The Super Organizer Universe


The ONE thing we should be doing every day is brushing our teeth. I am going to share some facts that learned and think is important information for you too.

  • Soft toothbrushes- we should be using soft or extra-soft toothbrushes. It lessens the chance for damage to your gums and enamel. I never realized this until looked at my toothbrush and it was Medium. My gums would hurt after brushing sometimes. Once I changed to soft, that problem went away. (FYI-Hard brushes are for dentures.)

  • Don’t Brush Too Vigorously- they say to brush at a medium pace. Don’t press too hard or scrap too fast.

  • Two-minute Rule- Most dentists say we should brush for at least two minutes. That’s how long  it takes to do a thorough job.

  • The Tongue Needs You- Brush the entire surface of your tongue!! Helps with cavity prevention, gingivitis and bad breath!

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